Where did the sand go?

Consider the following: When you go to the beach to see the sights and talk to beautiful people trying to get some sun and not too much sea weed….but your thinking of other things such as:::: So on Sunday during my travels I went to a beach. I realize that there wasn’t much sand or a beach there. However, with less sand and less room there are more sights of nice bodies, so who cares…. I saw a couple friendly ladies and this I started to say; But they had other ideas…. So I got thinking?

Sprites have been blamed  for accidents involving high altitude vehicular operations above thunderstorms. In June 6, 1989  a NASA stratospheric balloon launched  from Palestine, Texas. The balloon suffered an uncommanded payload release while flying at 120,000 feet over a thunderstorm near Graham, Texas. Months after the accident, an investigation concluded that a “bolt of lightning” traveling upward from the clouds caused the incident   The attribution of the accident to a sprite was made retroactively, since this term was not coined until late 1993.

Now don’t get too shook up….While people have watched clouds for thousands of years it wasn’t until 1730 or so that scientist really started to think of quick red lights in the sky…. From Wikipedia…..

Allusions to transient optical phenomena above thunderclouds can be found in anecdotal reports by Johann Georg Estor as early as 1730. Nobel laureate C. T. R. Wilson had suggested in 1925, on theoretical grounds, that electrical breakdown could occur in the upper atmosphere, and in 1956 ….somebody saw another sprite while drinking a coke… But I digress,

I met two nice ladies from Norway on a strip of beach in S. Palm Beach or near Malapan. They offered me a glass of wine and I went off on a tangent about the Empress penguins… how its crazy this bird moves with its streamlined body, and wings stiffened and flattened into flippers for a marine habitat. But according to Wikipedia:

The emperor’s diet consists primarily of small fish, but While hunting, the species can remain submerged up to 18 minutes, diving to a depth of 535 m (1,755 ft). It has several adaptations to facilitate this, including an unusually structured haemoglobin to allow it to function at low oxygen levels, solid bones to reduce barotrauma,  Of course I couldn’t remember the big words but when I stated how did the Emperor decide to evolve and migrate to that cold place? Think of it,,, you give up your wings and decide to carry a dumb egg on your foot for 4 months just to have sex with your lady? But she is NOW gone swimming and eating and you the dumb male has to carry that dumb egg FOR OVER 100 DAYS while walk with other dumb males with a really stupid egg for 4 damn months….Where the hell are the lawyers and the nut doctors for this “evolving bird?”

After talking and taking in the pretty sights on the beach I realized I was glad I wasn’t some dumb bird walking in a circle for 4 cold months when I could be getting sun burned laughing with two Norwegian ladies….So where did the sand go….Stay tune in…I got to get my pod cast up…. See ya. Danny

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