What happens when Old becomes new Again? The FBI did what?

Sometimes I meet real people who care.

In 1920’s the interior secretary, Albert Fall, had allowed oil companies to tap U.S. Navy emergency oil reserves in Teapot Dome, Wyoming, in return for kickbacks….Sound like those speaking fees of $500,000 for Bill???   Eventually Sen. Burton K. Wheeler and others discovered and began investigating the improprieties.  But was the FBI CORRUPT THEN? WHY?

FBI Director Burns, at the request of Attorney General Harry Daugherty, tried to end the Senate probe. Burns was the owner of a private detective agency, and a man apt to believe investigative ends justified the means. He was not afraid to target powerful men. So, he sent “his agents” to dig up dirt on Sen. Wheeler. But there wasn’t any, so he and Daugherty concocted baseless corruption charges against Wheeler… that  backfired.  Sounds like corrupt Hillary?  The attorney general was fired and replaced with a reformer, who  forced the resignation of the corrupted Bureau Director Burns in 1924. The FBI was placed under   J. Edgar Hoover. 

So wasn’t gay Hoover jolly but now Page and Strut have that sex insurance policy or what was that? Or was Waco or Wakoo a situation where Reno helped Hillary forget about Bill sex needs…It only took 84 dead Davin…ins and 4 ATF dead…then a few hundred more in OK to be blown up? But why did Vince Foster commit suicide? Was Vince, Hill and bill in a sex cube, triangle or what? Do you believe Will Hillary’s e-mails be released before or after Hoffa’s FBI file is released?

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