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Humpty Dumpty as described in Alice through the looking glass

Humpty Dumpty as described in Lewis Caroll’s book

Who knows exactly who or what Humpty Dumpty was or wasn’t? The rhyme was first printed in 1810 and became famous through Lewis Caroll’s book, ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, where Humpty Dumpty is shown as a round egg. However, it is a very old rhyme and goes back much earlier than this. But as you might remember this FAT PIG sat on a WALL…THEN THE FAT PIG FELL….Does that remind you of that evil slime sheriff Israel in FLORIDA’S Broward County?  Yea, maybe but the evil lying slime ball pig sheriff allowed 17 kids to get slaughter? No it isn’t PC to talk about that evil slime…… but still talking about Nancy the greedy, lazy slime pig that goes on vacation….OH no we won’t TALK ABOUT THAT EITHER…..Humpty Dumpty was a common “nickname”, used in 15th century England, to describe large people. This had led to many ideas as to who, or what, the Humpty Dumpty in the nursery rhyme really was. The idea that ‘Humpty Dumpty’ was a powerful cannon, used during the English WAR….

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